League Soccer

Age Groups

U-8, U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16/19

(U16 & U19 League Soccer is only in the fall due to high school soccer in spring.)


League Soccer is for those soccer players who would like to play at a competitive level and compete against teams in surrounding towns. Games are normally on Saturday’s. Practices are normally Monday and Wednesday nights. A league coach may have to change practice times and dates through out the season. It would be up to each League Coach to make those changes. MCSC league soccer is for the intermediate to advanced players that have played before and want to advance their soccer skills and abilities. League soccer utilizes official size fields and certified referees. Scores and stats are kept for games and competitive sportsmanship is always encouraged. 

Shin guards are required for all soccer players during practices and games. Any player that does not have shin guards will not be allowed to play. Enough soccer balls for each player will be provided for practice and games by MCSC. It is not necessary to bring a ball from home to practice and/or games. Please dress appropriately for the current weather conditions and bring a filled water bottle or sports drink.

All coaches are volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to coach please contact our Club President, Greg Walter, at coachgwalter@gmail.com

League Soccer Cost

Registration Fee

League Soccer cost $75 per player


All League players must purchase an uniform. The cost for the uniform is $60 ($35 jersey + $25 Shorts).

Misc. Infomation

Some League Teams will attend out of town tournaments. Each team member would be responsible for the cost to attend the tournament. Normally, the tournament fee is split between all players who are attending the tournament. It is up to each coach to decide to attend out of town tournaments. All U12 and above league teams will not receive participation medals.

U14 Girls